HOW TO BE MARRIED TO A MARINE FIGHTER PILOT--A Marine Corps pilot's wife: F-4s, F/A-18s and aviators from my perspective.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Military Writer’s Society of America has an award each month called The William E. Mayer Prize for Literary and Artistic Excellence. I thought I’d give it a shot back in December. The word prompt was “Deceit”. Sometimes I struggle with my writing. This wrote itself from my heart.
I wanted to marry my love. I had no intention of marrying the Marine Corps--so love mixes with anger and anguish.
I’m still glad I married my guy--now 36 years! I’m so proud of him and so proud to be a Marine’s wife. That doesn’t mean I don’t remember being mad about it all.


You lied. 

Even the uniform all starched,
And pressed with red stripe
For the blood of others,
While you promised forever,
In sickness and in health. 

True blue. 
You led me down the path
Of believing while I
Scattered rosebuds where I may. 

No more.
Only Decembers and Januaries
Gripped by cold.
Gripped in cold empty arms.
My white knuckles tighten. 

You take up arms,
You swore,
To hold me in your arms.
Gunmetal arms, mortars, bullets,
Rotors and turbine jet engines,
Take you from me.

I swear. 
I have issues with
Not being issued,
Being left behind
With our children
Who cry
Their worry. 
I worry. 

We miss you.
I miss you. 
Come home.

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