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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lost Friends

Captain Carroll LeFon USN (retired) RIP
It's not a penny found on the street
Scuffed, darkened and pocketed.
It requires penny after penny after penny
Of time and thought and laughter
Accumulated in a Mason jar in the kitchen sunshine.

I carried the jar
Toward the maple table to count moments,
To plan a shared splurge when the phone rang.
I answered
And the jar fell to the tile shattering
Into pennies rolling, clattering, circling,
Glass shards everywhere.

I scooped them into piles.
Blood dripped from my hands
To stone squares, on clear glass running red,
On piled and scattered pennies.

There's not a good way found
To lose a friend.

I never met him in person, yet we were friends. The first blog I followed when I started blogging, the blogger I stayed loyal to through the years. Wise words are like pennies collected on the street, as change, in drawers. In the end, we are richer for them.

Smart, a poet, a fighter pilot who loved his wife and family. I will miss him but there's joy in the words and photos and thoughts and friendships he nurtured on his blog Neptunus Lex. In the end I am richer for knowing him. We are all richer. 


  1. How very well put ma'am.

    We are all richer in so many ways.

  2. A thousand times richer. It's what gives me strength - that and the obvious.

  3. Welcome Hogday! So good of you to visit from the other side of the Pond. Many of us read Lex but spoke softly if at all with each other. The gift of the continued connections with the Lexicans gives me hope the community will live on. I count on you and others to raise a bottle or glass of strength for me.

  4. All those things I wish I'd said, to him and to others, rolling about. A wonderful image, ma'am, thank you.

    1. Thank you, Htom. Regrets...I have them, too. A song that runs through my mind when I think of those lost to me is One More Day by Diamond Rio:

      Wish I could have one more day with them all.

  5. Anytime, dear Lady, anytime...

  6. One more day ... I know. If only. I wrote a haiku about it a while ago.

    Tell them each today.
    There's always tomorrow.
    Until there is not.

  7. Just found your blog... What a wonderful tribute. So very apt.

    1. Thank you, Kim. Hope you enjoy reading the other posts.